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Database Integration

With over 20 years of experience in developing database software and websites using Oracle, SQL Server and Microsoft Access, we can develop websites that can seamlessly integrate with your local business systems, and vice versa.

Creating Links To Powerful Software

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The Complete Database Integration Service

At Vale Internet Solutions we understand that many companies already have databases and bespoke systems in place which play a crucial role in the day to day operations of their business.

  • With our experience and some careful planning, integrating a website into your business system can vastly increase productivity and reduce time spent on medial tasks such as re-entering data.
  • Web orders, new leads and other enquiries can be inserted directly into your local databases instantly.
  • Allow your customers to have instant access to typical information they now expect immediately through the web…order status, order history, product delivery, reprint invoices…the possibilities are endless.
  • For other specialised industries, database integration can provide quotations for insurance and mortgages immediately to potential customers.
  • Naturally, the availability of this service is dependant upon your bespoke system having the relevant interfaces available.