The Apprentice - Web Screen Scraping To Improve Business Efficiency

02 Dec 2016

My name is Josh Sheppard. I am 17 years old and have recently started an apprenticeship here at Vale Internet Solutions Ltd. I have been working at the company for a month or so now, during which time I have been learning the basics of web formatting and programming languages such as HTML. During this period I have learnt and looked at case studies that have been worked on by the business in recent years. One of which was a local florist, with stores based around the South Wales area.

This company came into contact with Vale Internet asking for assistance on their website. They wanted products from their supplier, Interflora, to be uploaded onto their site automatically without having to manually enter every single new product every time the stock is updated or changed from the suppliers. They wanted this to be completed automatically so that their site is always up-to-date, with reduced possibility of errors such as forgetting to enter a product or entering the wrong price.

To solve this problem and make life a bit easier for the florists, the web developers here at Vale Internet got to work on the site. They wrote a script of coding onto the website to make it possible. This code scans the Interflora website for any new products or updated products, as well as things such as sale items which can be variable. The code then updates the website to include these new products automatically so their site will be up-to-date within a few minutes. The technical term for this process is “Data Scraping” or "Web Screen Scraping".

This new change to the site has now been live for numerous months and there have been no problems or errors reported thus far. With a few simple bits of script we helped this company’s business processes to improve significantly, helping them to become more efficient. So why not contact Vale Internet Solutions today and see what we could do for your business?

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