Using Google Maps For Geo Location Reporting

16 Feb 2017

In many cases, extracting meaning out of your data can be frustrating and time consuming. This is especially true of leads, sales and customer data whilst you are trying to spend your marketing budget as effectively as possible for targetting customers.

One of our customers had a huge history of appointments and bookings, and requested a postcode reporting tool. Rather than producing a text based report, we created a geo-location report for them which visually pinpointed each of their customers on a map. This report clearly showed where the clusters of appointments and leads were originating from geographically.

This provided incredibly valuable information showing which forms of advertising were working (radio, press and banners), and also for determining areas where they were possibly missing out on potential business, and therefore focus more attention on.

Seeing your data visually displayed on a map can make a surprising difference to the way that you interpret the data, and use it to your advantage.

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