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Analytics and reporting

Understanding how many visitors your website is getting, how they are finding it, how they are navigating it, and where they are coming from is crucial to the success of running on online business.

What? When? Where? Who? How Much?

Google Analytics   Website Metrics   Google Maps Integration  

The Complete Analytics Service

By combining the comprehensive services of Google Analytics, along with interfacing with other systems such as Google Maps, Vale Internet Solutions can help your business grow by analysing customer trends

  • Full integration with Google Analytics
  • Find out how many people are visiting your site, how they found it, hardware they are using and so on
  • Geographically display contacts and customers - track the success of radio, tv, paper and banner advertising
  • Track website goals and analyse funnels to determine if there are stumbling blocks in the website process
  • Integrate ecommerce websites with Google Analytics to track product sales and values